Monday, 28 February 2011

Cuckold Captions 2

I spotted this cucky's pic on tumblr (here) and I just had to! I wonder if he'll have the balls to show this to his wife?

Staffs Bull


  1. Well I did as you know show her and she really liked your cock pics. How many times have you done cuckold?

  2. Glad she liked it, I'm sure she'd like it a hell of a lot more in the flesh :-D

    I've been Bulling for about 5 years, but before that I played in the swingers scene. Why do you ask?

  3. Just curious really as love to hear about the experiences of real bulls. Wish I was one but clearly never will be!!

  4. Hi....the wife is back chatting online if you are interested. She is looking for potential new bulls. I've joined your blog now. I'm the sissy cuckold with the tiny dicklette you have in this post.

    Let me know and I will give you her msn address.

    Amanda x

    1. Amanda,I'm the bull your wife was concieved for. I'm 7.5 inches in legnth of throbbing white meat.She was destined to be ridden by me,you were desined to watch.I expect a reply,so get to it sissy.The sooner I use the hot wife the sooner dinner is served for you,uhm protein!I bet you,re drooling sissy.I don't wear condoms and I except your or should I say my woman fertile.You clean her well and and my blood line will have to wait,but I suspect you'll be useless as usual and her belly will swell ha ha ha.I'll own your wife and so naturally I'll own you. X

  5. That's the spirit! If it weren't for my cock cage right now ... my wife needs to call her bull!
    By the way, I write about my life as a cuckold as well here: