Monday, 14 February 2011

Corrupting Mrs T, the Vicar's wife

I've recently got into tweeting, with me mentioning my recent meets with Mrs T, the vicar's wife, I thought it'd be a good idea to blog a bit of a background for anyone who might be interested. This will probably give you a bit of an insight into the type of guy I am, although I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad one!

I met Mrs T and her vicar hubby online in a webcam chatroom about four months ago. They were using it to expand their sex lives which up to that point had been pretty poor. They're both from very religious family's, they married young and until recently, had never really ventured outside their religious circle of friends. Being trapped within this religious group, they didn't have any idea of what was going on sexually in the world around them or any way of finding out until they got a pc and the net, which coincided with Mrs T hitting her mid thirties peek.

This obviously opened a whole new world for them, able to expand their relationship from the safety and privacy of their home. It was during their first few adventures online that I came across them. They were looking for guys to chat and show with online making it clear that it was purely online and had no wish to actually meet anyone offline, well, I just love a challenge!

Over the first month, we cammed regularly, Mrs T became more and more confident and seemed to have a real thing for watching me wank. Although at that point, I'd never seen their faces, I could just tell she was transfixed. Her vicar hubby would regularly ask her would she like to feel my cock in her along with other encouraging comments, so it was pretty obvious that he was a back seat beta.

It was after one of our watch and wank sessions that I decided to up the game. We'd all got pretty comfortable with one another, so the time was right to see where I could take this. I suggested getting together for a drink and a bit of lunch. Initially, they were completely against it, but I made it clear that we'd go somewhere public and it'd only be for a chat, I wasn't pushing to come round their house and fuck her senseless. I left the idea with them, and then left them alone for awhile to mull over the idea.

About a week later, I got an email saying that perhaps a bit of lunch would be a good idea, but they made it clear that they weren't interested in actually meeting anyone for sex, for them it was purely an online thing but as we'd become friends, we could meet for a chat. One barrier was down, now it was time to work on the others but I'm a man who's got plenty of patience and I like to keep my eye on the long term goal.

So, we met for lunch at a nice local pub, I'd picked it specifically as it had lots of booths, so we'd have somewhere with a bit of privacy to chat. Although they'd said that it was just for a chat, I'd planned to up the game just a little. I made a point of sitting next to Mrs T with her sitting next to the wall and hubby sitting on the opposite side of the table. This gave me plenty of opportunities to whisper how wicked she was online into her ear whilst we had our meal.

The meet went well, we all laughed and I could just tell she was horny and hubby was also keen, so I took the chance to up the stakes. I asked if she liked watching me wank on cam for her, she nodded with a embarrassed smile, so I whispered in her ear that all this chat had got me hard and if she wanted to find out how hard, she was welcome to slip her hand in my pocket under the table and found out. At first, I thought I'd pushed it a bit far but she soon smiled and slowly moved her hand across my thigh and into my pocket.

That's when she got her surprise, I'd planned ahead, no boxers and no material in my pocket. Her face was the perfect picture of surprise and wicked delight when she realised what I'd done and she definitely liked it because she wasn't in a rush to take her hand off my cock. Unfortunately, my cleverly crafted plan was scuppered by the waitress who came across to get our empty plates. Mrs T quickly withdrew her hand and then started to say that they really should get going as they had to call in with one of the members of their group that afternoon.

Not wanting to lose the initiative, I told her that it was a shame that she was wearing trousers as I'd liked to have seen if she enjoyed the lunch as much as I obviously had. She giggled a little and then said that she needed the toilet before they left. As I moved to let her out, it was obvious she was eyeing the bulge in my trousers, I just smiled at her and tapped her on the bum as she moved passed me. She then told hubby to pay the bill whilst she nipped to the bathroom.

To be honest, up until that point, I hadn't given hubby much thought, he seemed happy enough for me to take the lead during the dinner and he certainly looked interested as her hand was wandering under the table. That combined with his backseat approach to camming definitely confirmed he was 'cuck' potential, so I made some idle chat with him next to the bar as he paid for the meal. I made a point of saying I was glad that Mrs T enjoyed the meet so much, he eagerly agreed without making eye contact.

At that point, she returned from the bathroom and came over to us, well, to me. She leaned in whispering in my ear that here was something so I'd know that she enjoyed the lunch as much as me, as she'd pushed something into my non-existent pocket before giving me a peck on the cheek and a wicked smile as she turned to leave. Once I made it back to the car, I reached in to pull out a pair of black knickers. She'd obviously enjoyed the meet as they were literally soaking wet.

It was later that evening that I got an email from Mrs T saying how much she enjoyed the meet and asking if since we were all good friends now, I'd like to come round to theirs later in the week for our regular cam show. Once again, she made it clear that she didn't want sex but she did want to watch me wank in the flesh. I fired back an email saying I'd love to but only if she was intending on putting her side of the show in the flesh as well. It was the next evening that I got the reply saying she was sure she could show me something 'that would get that monster of a cock of yours hard!'.

So, later that week I found myself knocking on the door of a modest semi-detached in a nice area and delighted to see Mrs T wearing a shortish dress rather than trousers this time. Things were a little awkward to start, but after a little wine, it got a lot more relaxed. We found ourselves sitting in the lounge with me and hubby sitting on the sofa and Mrs T perched on the coffee table across from us.

I'd decided in advance that although sex wasn't on the table, there was no reason why I shouldn't try to up the game again and see if I could reinforce hubby as a cuck. With that in mind, I took the initiative again and suggested that she see's if she can get me and hubby nice and hard for her. With that, she smiled, downed her wine and reached for the hem of her dress. She slowly raised it up whilst I undid my trousers and pull out my semi-hard cock with her hubby following my lead.

I had to smile at that point, her hubby was pathetically endowed, even soft I was longer and thicker than he was hard. It was pretty obvious she'd come to the same conclusion although after our previous meet, she'd have already known that but there's something special in making the comparison in the flesh so to speak. Leading again, I asked if she was as wet as she was when we had lunch, to which she replied wetter whilst pushing two fingers inside her pussy as if to reinforce the point. In return I slowly stroked my cock hard whilst hubby fumbled with his.

After a few minutes of this mutual teasing, I decided to put my plan into action and asked who she thought was hardest at that point. She said that although I was bigger by far, her hubby actually looked harder at that moment, so I told her that perhaps she should give them a feel to get a decent idea. She hesitated before a wicked smile shot across her face before reaching forward to take hold of our cocks. She'd only just squeezed them before her hubby blew his load all over his trousers. I laughed as he became all red faced and embarrassed and told her it'd take a lot more than that to see me cumming.

She took it as the challenge I'd intended it to be and started wanking my cock, slowly at first before building up her speed. It was pretty obvious that her hubby was a quick cummer as it didn't take long for her arm to tire and she swapped hands whilst her hubby just watched quietly. After a short while, I could see that she was struggling and I knew that I was no where near cumming.

Not wanting to lose the sexual momentum we'd built up, I stood up, bring my cock just inches away from her face. I took a firm grip and slowly stroked it upwards until some precum appeared. She was transfixed, just staring at my cock and the precum slowly dribbling off it, so I said look at what you've done to me, you've got me all hard and sticky, before turning to her hubby and asking him if he thought she should clean it off before it made a mess on the carpet. He just blurted out yes before going all red faced again, so I turned to her and told her it was down to her and that if she didn't want to, we could always call it a night now.

She hardly hesitated before reaching forward to lick the precum from my cock, she stopped midway through the second lick so I pushed forward slightly, moving the head of my cock into her mouth and she just started sucking. It wasn't long until her head was bobbing up and down on my cock so I moved my hands into her hair, gripped her head and slowly started to fuck her mouth, deeper and deeper.

I turn to hubby and told him what a great cock sucker of wife he had, he replied with he didn't know, she'd never sucked him. I almost blew my load right there and then. If he wasn't a cuckold before, he certain was then. I just laughed out loud and forced my cock deep in her mouth making her gag. She was gasping for air when I pulled it out, so I decided it was time to make a proper impression.

I pushed her back and told her it was my turn to return the favour. She lay back on the coffee table while I moved between legs. I could have fucked her then and there, but I had other ideas. Her pussy was soaking wet and I went to work on it with my tongue. Over the next half hour, I slowly brought her to the very edge before bringing her back down again. I did this time and time again until she was soaking wet and literally begging to cum, which she did loudly when I finally pushed her over the edge. Her entire body bucked and her head thrashed from side to side as I continued to bring her off until I finally stopped and stood up.

I stood there looking down at her, dress hoisted up to her waist, her face reddened, her hair a mess. She looked wonderful. I slowly stoked my cock as she turned to look me in the eyes. I told her that it wasn't fair that she's come and I had, so now it was my turn. I started to wank harder as she lay there transfixed, staring up at me, at my cock. It didn't take long for me to get ready to cum and I erupted all over her.

Even for me, it seemed a hell of a lot of cum, it covered all the way from her neck down to her pussy. I took a couple of deep breaths to recompose myself whilst she slowly stroked the cum on her belly with her fingers then I made an excuse to go to the bathroom leaving her lying there exposed, covered in my cum in front of her now cucked hubby.

By the time I came back from the bathroom, the dress was gone and she was wandering around completely naked with a fresh glass of wine and a big smile across her face. Knowing that the moment had gone and there was no point pushing it, I pulled her towards me and kissed her, and then gave a bare backside a playful smack before saying that I'd leave them to enjoy the rest of the night together. As I was leaving, I made a point of saying that I couldn't wait to see what our next show would be like, before walking out of the door into the night.

She later told me that after I'd left, she'd wanted to have sex with her hubby but he couldn't get it up because he actually cum a couple of times whilst we were playing on the coffee table, so he'd gone down on her to bring her off. Hearing that did make me smile at the time as I'd certainly left some cum on her pussy, so no doubt she wasn't the only one to taste cum for the first time that night .....

Well, I think that's a long enough post for now. I'll post the other half later in the week once I've had a chance to write it up. In the meantime, if you have any questions, just ask! Do you think I'm bad?

Staffs Bull

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