Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Corrupting Mrs T, the Vicar's wife - part 2

Here's the second part of the story of how I corrupted Mrs T, the vicars wife. If you haven't read the first part, then I highly recommend reading it here, as it really does set the scene for what happened next.

I was on quite a high after our last meeting, I'd pushed things a bit further than they'd expected but they both seemed to have enjoyed it but there was always a chance that I'd pushed a bit too far and she'd have gotten the guilts or hubby would have reined the whole thing in. So, when I hadn't heard of them for a week, I started to get a little concerned that I'd blown it. There was no way I was going to start chasing them, that would have made me look needy, I might have well called myself a cuck.

So, I was delighted when an email dropped in my inbox from them. It said that they'd had a wonderful evening and that they'd love to repeat the experience. More importantly, the regular 'no sex' statement was missing, so I knew that it was now time to really start leading where this little threesome of ours was going.

I left it a day before replying that I'd love to repeat the experience and that I'd see them the same time that weekend. I also wanted to reinforce myself a little, so I added a little PS at the end ... 'Lots of cleavage, short skirt and holdups please'. I wanted her to dress specifically for me and I wanted him to watch her dress sexily for another guy. It may have been a little request, but I knew it would have a profound effect on them both.

The week seemed to drag but it wasn't too long before I found myself knocking on that familiar door again. It was hubby who opened the door, welcoming me in whilst not being able to make eye contact with me. He mentioned that Mrs T was in the kitchen getting herself another glass of wine, so I just passed him my jacket and walked through to the kitchen.

Mrs T was standing next to the worktop with her back turned to the door. She looked delightful, she was wearing a killer set of heels and a wickedly short skirt that barely covered the lace tops of her holdups. I walked straight up to her, pushing myself into her whilst moving my hands onto her hips and gently kissed her neck. She pushed her hips back into me and I realised that my cock was hard and bulging in my trousers.

She was definitely horny, so I decided it was time to set the scene, I whispered in her ear that I was looking forward to fucking her senseless tonight. She turned around to look me straight in the eyes and said that she was hoping I'd say that with a coy smile on her face. I gave her ass a good slap and told her that she'd better get me a drink then. She laughed and turn back around to grab the wine bottle and another glass.

I turned and noticed hubby just standing in the doorway, staring at me flirting with his wife. It was time to put hubby in his place, so I moved next to Mrs T and leaned backwards against the worktop whilst putting my arm around her as she passed me a glass of wine. I looked him straight in the face and said why don't you nip upstairs and light some candles in the bedroom and make it special for your wife. She shot me a shocked look before smiling again and turning to her hubby and saying it would be lovely if he did.

He hesitated for a moment, as if he was stuck where he stood, before turning to go into the living room. At first, I wasn't quite sure what was going on but as he passed by holding a bunch of candles. It suddenly occurred to me that they'd planned another evening in the living room like last time, I smiled at the thought of him sorting their marital bed for me and his wife. As he headed up the stairs, I shouted to him to make sure he got a seat for a good view, I wouldn't want him to miss the show. She turned to look at me again with another shocked look on her face, I pulled her into me, looked her straight in the eyes and said well, can you blame me for wanting such a sexy woman like you all to my self tonight, before kissing her. As we broke off, she giggled like a little school girl before raising her glass to her lips.

With hubby busy upstairs, I decide now was the perfect time to start the fun, so I told her how hard the thought of her had got me and that I think she'd got me all sticky again. She reached for my crotch and rubbed her hand over it. I told her that I though that she'd better do something about it, she giggled again and started to unbuckle my trousers. My cock sprang outwards as she released it from my boxers, she reached forward and gave it a stroke, forcing the precum out. I put my hands on her shoulders and gently forced her down onto her knees. In truth, it didn't take much forcing and she was soon sucked and stroking my cock. As I heard hubby coming back down the stairs, I placed a hand on top of her head and raised my glass to my lips to take another drink.

Her hubby walked into the doorway and was greeted by the sight of his wife on her knees sucking my cock whilst I just stood there smiling at him. I could see that he just didn't know what to do, so I told him to go back upstairs, make himself comfortable and we'd be up in a little while. Without waiting for an answer, I turned away from him whilst forcing her head further down my cock and slowly started to fuck her mouth.

Out of the corner of my eye, I watch him hesitate again before turning away and heading back upstairs. I smiled to myself, he was well on his way to being a complete cuckold and she seemed to be enjoying herself too much to care how I was treating him. Although I was enjoying myself, I didn't want to leave it too long before we headed upstairs ourselves, for one, I didn't want him coming back down again but more importantly, she was doing an excellent job and I was getting close to cumming which would have spoilt the night I had planned.

So, I pushed her away and told her it was about time we really started to enjoy the night. She just smiled as she rose to her feet before taking my hand and leading me out of the kitchen and up the stairs. The bedroom was right at the top of the stairs and as we reached the top, I could see hubby sitting in a chair at the foot of the bed already fumbling with his cock. We entered the room and I noticed her checking his cock before turning to look at mine still hanging out of my trousers from our fun downstairs.

I pushed her onto the bed before climbing on top of her, kissing her forcefully as my body bared down on her. I whispered in her ear that I was going to make her cum like she's never cum before, she just moaned and forced her groin upwards, grinding it against my cock. I could hear hubby shuffling, so I turned to him and told him to get comfortable because we weren't going to be rushing anything. I then turned my attention back to her, rolling onto my side and pulling her with me so that we were lying next to each other.

We started kissing more as I started to explore her body, sliding my hand up her leg and under her skirt and my other hand pulled her head in to me as we kissed. My hand rested on the mound of swollen flesh trapped inside the damp material of her knickers. Slowly, I massaged her mound, squeezing it between my fingers whilst whispering in her ear how much I wanted to fuck that dripping cunt of hers. She moaned and bucked as I worked her cunt. She then started to play with my cock as she told me how much she wanted it as well.

I could hear hubby wanking away while he watched me working his wife into a frenzy. It wasn't long before I could hear him getting close to cumming, so I decided I'd spoil his fun a little. I push her back onto her back and forced her skirt up to her hips before grabbing the sides of her knickers and pulling them down to reveal her glistening cunt. She giggled again as I slid them down over her legs before pulling them over her heels. I turned to hubby and tossed him the damp knickers casually before saying that he might as well wrap them around his cock as it'd be the only way he'd be getting in her knickers that night. She just burst out laughing and I pulled her back towards me, this time my cock pressing into the flesh of her wet cunt.

I could have just pushed straight in then and there, but I wanted to stretch it out a bit and build her up a bit more. So, I took hold of my cock and started rubbing it up and down her cunt, teasing her until she was practical begging me to fuck her. I'd held off long enough by then and to be honest, I wanted to fuck her then probably as much as she wanted it, but I wasn't going to show her that.

I turned to hubby again, who was busy wanking his knicker wrapped cock. I asked him to get my condoms from the pocket of my jacket I'd given him when I'd first come in. He hesitated again, before getting up and heading out of the room. I sat up and smiled to myself at the idea of sending her hubby to get the condoms I was going to use to fuck her, he'd been cucked again. My attention was snapped back to reality as I realised that she'd started sucking on my cock again. I leaned backwards onto my hands and waited for hubby to return with the condoms while she continued to suck me harder.

It didn't take long for hubby to appear holding the pack of condoms. He came into the room and went to pass them to me but I just nodded towards his wife, he passed them to her, his hand shaking and she took them off him. She giggled sheepishly as she noticed the word 'large' printed across the packet. I just smiled at her and told her that the normal one's just don't fit. She pulled one out of the packet, tore open the wrapper and started to slowly roll it down my now rigid cock. She stopped halfway and turned to me saying that she normally only rolls them this far down. I burst out laughing as he hubby went all red faced before I motioned to him to sit back down whilst she rolled the rest of the condom to the base of my cock.

I sat there for a moment whilst she stroked and admired my cock standing proud, wondering how to play the next step out. I had played with the idea of having her on all fours and have him hold her open for me but I didn't really want to get him involved at this stage, so I decided I'd give him something to remember for the rest of his life. I told her to get on all fours facing the end of the bed, so she was looking directly at him. I moved behind her and slowly rubbed my cock up and down her slick cunt. I asked her if she wanted it and she replied with a simple yes. So I moved one hand up her back and into her hair, taking a fistful and pulling her head backwards so hubby could get a clear look at his wife's face.

I slowly pushed the head of my cock between her swollen lips, she moaned. I worked each inch slowly into her pussy, stretching her, pushing into depths that had never been touched. She moaned and wimperred with each stroke and I knew that hubby was transfixed staring at his wife's face as she felt the pain and pleasure of taking a bulls cock for the first time. After I forced about two thirds of my cock in her, I reached her physical limit as the head of my cock hit the entrance to her cervix. I release her hair and took hold of her hip and started to pound into her with a regular rhythm, each time hitting her cervix forcing a yelp of pain followed by a moan of pleasure with each stoke.

I slowly built up my speed and pushed deep with every stroke until she was taking almost all my cock and moaning like a whore. I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her back into me as I sat up so that we were kneeling with her back against my chest. I stared hubby in the eyes as I reach around to grip her blouse. I pulled hard, ripping it open, sending buttons flying and her breasts spilling out of her bra. I felt her pussy tense on my cock as I reached up and took a firm hold of her breasts before using them to move her up and down my cock whilst thrusting upwards to meet each downward stroke.

Her head started to thrash from side to side and I knew she was about to cum, so I started to fuck her harder and faster taking her over the edge as her whole body shuddered and spasmed. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her into me as she slowly recovered. Up until this point, her hubby hadn't actually seen my cock in his wife, he'd just seen it's effect, so I decided it was time for him to get a good look at what had brought his wife into this trembling sweating state.

Still holding her tight, I fell backward whilst parting my knees to force her legs wide open. She lay their on top of me, legs wide open with my cock still hard and firmly rooted inside her, giving her hubby the perfect view of her wet and well fucked cunt. I held her as I slowly started thrusting again, building up speed. It didn't take long until she was on the edge of another orgasm. I felt her pussy explode and her juices running down over my balls. As she lay there trembling again, I smiled knowing that I'd just given them both something they'd never forget.

That was just the start of the night, I continued to fuck her all over the bedroom, bringing her off time and time again. Over the next hour, I ripped off her clothes leaving her in just her holdups and heels, each time throwing them to her hubby for safe keeping. I sunk my teeth into her flesh, leaving proof of our passion that would last well beyond the night. I lost count of how many times she'd cum but I was beginning to realise that she wasn't going to be able to take much more, so I flipped her onto her back with her ankles on my shoulders. I bared down on her with all my weight forcing her to double up and raise her ass of the bed and started to fuck her wildly. My cock pounded into like a relentless piston, each time driving all the way in until my balls slapped against her ass. She had a final screaming orgasm, her body dripping with sweat, bucking under my weight until she final gave in and went limp. We lay their together for a little while before I slipped out of her and she rested her cramped legs.

Although, she was done, I wasn't, so I turned to her hubby about told him that he'd better get her a drink and he might as well get me one since he was going. He didn't even hesitate, he just nodded and then headed downstairs to get us fresh drinks. By the time he returned, I was lying back on the bed with her cuddled into my chest and slowly toying with my now condomless cock. I decided it was the perfect time to finally cuck him.

I reached across to her knee and opened her legs wide for him to see his wife's ruined cunt, gapping wide open and glistening in her cum juices. I told him that I though that it needed kissing better, she giggled again. He slowly raised out of his seat and moved towards us. She opened her legs a little wider as he started to move between them. I told him to stop and lie down on the bed instead, she looked at me and I just gave her a wink. With hubby lying flat on his back, I moved her over him so that she was straddling him, her wet cunt hovering above his face. She looked down, her eyes meeting his as she slowly lower herself onto his waiting face. She moaned as his tongue eagerly went to work cleaning her cunt. It was time to put the final piece of my plan into action.

I stood up on the bed and moved in front of her, slowly stroking my cock hard, I said that I hadn't cum yet, moving my cock towards her mouth. She reached forward, taking my cock out of my hands, she stroked it before guiding it into her mouth. It didn't take long before she was working her mouth up and down my cock while she forced her pussy down on her hubbies face. I could feel myself getting close to cumming, so I pulled away from her mouth and started to wank my cock hard. At the very last moment, I pointed my cock downwards towards her breasts and shot four long streams of thick white cum all over her breasts. I placed a hand on her shoulder to steady myself as I slowly squeezed the last of my cum into her cleavage.

She want to stroke the cum on her breasts with her hand, so I grabbed hold of her wrist and just shook my head. She looked at me strangely before looking down at the cum running down her belly. She must have cottoned on to my plan because she shot me a wicked look before slowly repositioning herself so my cum was running straight towards hubbies mouth. He'd also realised what was about to happen because he had a look of terror in his eyes, but he didn't move. We all starred in silence for what seemed like an age watching my cum slowly running downwards towards her waiting hubby. I started wondering if it was going to make it all the way to hubbies mouth and she must have thought the same because she started to gather the cum on her breasts with her hands, forcing it downwards.

She looked at him and said, go on, do it for me. The next moment, a large blob dropped down landing on the corner of his mouth. He froze for a moment not sure what to do before cautiously licking it up with tongue. That was it, he was a true cuckold now and she obviously loved the fact because she started to feed it to him off her fingers which he licked eagerly. I watched as he sucked every last bit of my cum off her fingers before pulling her off him to kiss me. We burst out laughing as the sexual tension just exploded, I gave her a playful slap on the arse and told her that I needed to freshen up. We both looked at her hubby again, lying flat on his back, his face covered in her juices and last remnants of my cum. I said he could have a wank while we went to get freshened up. I could hear him wanking as we walked out of the room and into the bathroom to freshen up.

After a quick wash, I quickly threw on my clothes whilst she put on a dressing gown before we headed downstairs for another drink. We were flirting in the kitchen when hubby turned up at the doorway. I turned to him and asked him what he thought he was doing downstairs before telling him to go back to the bedroom and lie back on the bed as I was sure my girl would want her pussy kissing better a bit more before she went to sleep tonight. I patted her pussy as if to make a point that it was now mine and not his. He looked at her and she just told him she'd be upstairs it a little while, I just smiled at him standing naked and dumbfounded in the door way

We flirted and chatted for a little while longer before I made my excuses and got my things together. She walked me to the door and gave me a long kiss before letting me out. As I walked up the path, I turned and watched her walking up the stairs through the strained glass arch at the top of the door. Smiling to myself, I headed of into the dark knowing that she was well and truly mine and he was well and truly cuckolded.

That's it for now folks, it's not the end of our adventures by far, but it's enough for now. Hope you enjoyed it, let me know in the comments and if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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  1. Mission accomplish. well done

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  3. Loved the story, we're a prospective cuckold couple and I suspect have more than a little in common with the Vicar and his lady. Getting online has been a revelation! Never knew cocks could be so enormous and I'll never be quite the same! Just hope someone will give me the treat Mrs T enjoyed - oh but her poor husband! Loooking forward to part 3 xx

  4. wonderful story,i was hard from start to finish